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I will learn a great deal about you, just by how you write. I can't break my habits that way. :) Just tell me about you. Be genuine. Be courteous. Be respectful. I will do the same. Allow me to gain your trust and you will have mine. I'm quick to laugh and to compliment. I quote movies too often. I'm educated, nerdy, and kind. Anything else is yours to ask. :) I am a Realist who was formerly a Romantic I'm an educated and witty male. I'm a Catholic Hedonist. I enjoy casual chat, sexting, and roleplay. I've been an almost priest and I am an ex-teacher of highschool and University courses in Literature. I am an essayist and creative writer too. My hope and ambition is to be a published Author. My children are my PRIDE. THEY get my time and money first. I hope you are all patient women. If any of you lovely women prefer an older man who is confident in who he is and what he wants from life, feel free to message. :)