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Kik id: mat_bremen
Snapchat id: mat_bremen
Skype: onyforgirls001

Always upto something kinky and naughty ;) ( Just kidding :P) A fun guy to be with .. I can Kik, Snapchat, and Skype for you. I do keep requests of girls to come on Skype and dirty talk with them while pleasuring myself on cam and cumming for them. So, contact me if you want too ;) I have been told I am very good with my fingers and tongue !!

I strongly believe that everyone should be happy and satisfied with their sex lives !!! So yeah, when I hear people mouthing of ignorant shit about sex (example: woman's orgasm doesn't matter), I just can't stay quiet .. I sit him/her down, and explain what is wrong about that view, with scientific evidence. Yeah, I am a bit opinionated about this !!