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I have been RPing for quite a while now but had some pauses in between. Well, I'm back I guess. In the past, I would have just said I'm a switch but recently I'm a lot more subby and have trouble domming anyone, even the people I did in the past.

Currently, I'm mostly just a little puppy that wants someone to play with
I have barely any limits other than toilet stuff and most hyper stuff. I really do love some fucked up shit, especially if it's done to me >///w///<

Even though I'm quite naughty-minded, I do like a good story. Both long and short are fine with me but I do expect at least some casual level writing. My favorite scenarios are fantasy and cyberpunk.

I am quite the furry but I do pretty much everything (including your mom).
I prefer both playing girls and playing with them. I love futanari and cock in general but I struggle with a male dom outside of furry stuff. I'll play a male myself if you prefer it tho :3 especially a cute little femboy hehe.