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Honored and happy to worship and serve my Powerful AlmightyFuta Goddess. All the glory belongs to my beautiful Goddess! My body was designed for her pleasure to use and abuse as she wants. I crave her amazing cock like nothing else, my goal is to always serve as her servant.
Cumslut of lord Asgharel. He owns me, my soul and my body and I serve him for his pleasure
Mistress of my obedient slave WorshipFuta

Guys I'm not interested in your cocks, only RP with you and I'll no more send any pic of myself.
Girls, I'm really up for some fun with you with RP (any kind) and sexting.
For anyone:
First of all: I'm not a slut, so don't treat me like that or you'll be instantly blocked.
Second: dick pics and dick profiles are not appreciated so don't send until I ask to see your cocks or you'll be insta-blocked!
Third: Don't ask friend request while we don't even chatted one time, please =_=