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Goddess of my favorite, loyal, obedient, and most heavenly beautiful servant Sara, Abdo, Aesop, Adam, Alex, Alisha, Allen, Amelia, Ashley, Brad, Bradley, Bryan, Caitlin, Cindy, Derek, Eddie, Ember, Gauthier, Ger, Henry, JJ, Jack, Jacob, James, Jani, Jay, Jay M, Jenny, Kat, Kaylee, Lewey, Liam, Lori, Marie, Mckenzie, Micheal, Morgan, Nic, Nicole, Nik, Ryan, Sara Vi, Sarah, Scott, Scott K, Taylor, Tiffany, Toga, Travis, Valerie, Xayah, and others, in addition to my spirit servants. My loyal and obedient servant slaves worship me day and night. In return they receive my approval and blessings.

Yes, I am the Almighty and Powerful Futa. All other Futas rank below me and even they serve me. Looking for servants to worship me and obey my every command.