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Frequently Asked Questions

LocalSexting is open to all real, consenting, and consent-respecting adults. However, malicious users, predators, and scammers may occasionally cross your path. We will do all that we can to keep them away, but they can be very resourceful and persistent. You will have to take measures to protect your own safety.

This can be summed up as: Be discreet.

When giving contact information for the purposes of sexting with strangers, it may be best to create alternative email, kik, Skype, Instagram, etc accounts that are not linked to your real identity.

It may be a good idea to make sure that no pictures of yourself that you share contain your face or those of people that you know, any identifiable landmarks (the front of your house, your mailbox, etc), any rooms with unique features or furniture, or public locations (clubs, bars, etc) that could be used to ascertain where you live.

There are two major reasons that you may not receive your verification email:

1) User error: You may have mistyped it. We reply to many "where is my verification" emails only to have our replies bounce back to us when the address the user has provided is incorrect.

2) Marked as spam: The message may be marked as spam. It may be in your spam folder. Check there.

We have repeatedly investigated issues where users have not received our emails, only to find that our mailserver confirms that the messages have been sent. We know of no mailserver issue on our side, and can't speak for the proper functioning of mailservers and mail providers outside our control.

Because various mail providers may implement anti-spam measures differently, you may need to use a different provider than you normally use in order to use LocalSexting.

If you need another verification email, simply change your email address and one will be automatically dispatched. If you want another one sent to the email you already have on file with us, change your email address to anything you want, even an invalid address, and then change it back to your preferred address.

We cannot guarantee quality of service for any mail provider. If a given provider refuses to show you emails from us, there is nothing we can do about it.

Chat is up and running! Some features that may be less than obvious:

  • NAVIGATION: Touching the center of your screen, swipe left and right to navigate through your open private message tabs. If you are on a desktop or laptop computer, this also works in most browsers.
  • USER LIST: The user list is automatically hidden if you are using a small enough screen, but you can toggle whether it is shown or hidden by using the button at the bottom-right, depicting a silhouette and some arrows.
  • PRIVATE MESSAGES: To send a private message, touch someone's name in the user list at the right (reveal it with the bottom-right button first, if the user list is hidden) to see more options for interacting with that user, then touch "private message."
  • BLOCKING: To block someone, touch their name in the user list, then touch "block."
  • OPTIONS: At the top left of the chat is a "menu" button. Within it is an "options" entry. You can configure your sounds, whether or not you accept private messages, and more!

You can remove your own account at any time. You must be logged in to do this. Go to "Profile," then "Manage," then touch "Deactivate Account."

No more than one account can ever be registered on with a particular email address, even if accounts that have used a given email address in the past have been removed. This is a non-negotiable security feature.

To reactivate a profile that you previously removed, simply attempt to log in using your email address and password, and you will be asked whether you intend to reactivate your account.

At our login prompt, there is an option to have password reset instructions emailed to you. Your LocalSexting account has to have been registered to a correctly-typed email address that you have access to in order for you to receive this email. If you do not know your password and do not have access to the email account associated with your LocalSexting account, we can not help you and will not manually reset your password, as there is no way for us to be sure that you are the rightful owner of the account. This is a non-negotiable security feature.

If you feel that you are being harassed on LocalSexting, the best course of action is to block the user who is bothering you. You can do this with the "block" button in any message that user has sent you. (If you block the wrong person by mistake, go to "Profile," then "Manage," then "Block List" to unblock them.)

LocalSexting is a site for real, consenting adults (18 years or older) to connect. Anyone who doesn't meet that description is not welcome.

  • If you see a user who says, either in a message or in their profile, that they are under the age of 18, go to their profile and report them. Do not continue conversation with these people. Do not reply to their messages. To be safe, block them after you have reported them. If there is ever a criminal investigation, you do not want it to seem as if you intentionally continued sexting with a minor.
  • If you see a user who is selling adult content for money, whether pictures, videos, or webcam shows, go to their profile and report them. They are probably a scammer. We do not, at this time, have any way to vet legitimate performers and so we do not permit the use of LocalSexting to arrange these transactions.
  • If a user ever asks you to participate in an off-site activity, such as asking for you to vote for them in a contest, or to register on any other site in order to continue chatting with them, they are probably a scammer.

If you should fall victim to a scam and forfeit your money to a fake performer, LocalSexting cannot and will not in any way reimburse you. We recommend that you pursue resolution with your bank, credit union, or other financial institution's fraud services.

When considering fake users, keep in mind that we cannot always issue bans based only on your word. There is a prevailing attitude in Internet communities that there are no actual women on the Internet. This causes a type of paranoid hypervigilance in the male population of Internet communities, in which demands are placed on people self-identifying as women that they prove it, and if they are unable or unwilling to do so, they are then harassed or reported. Reports of this nature will generally be ignored unless it can be demonstrated that the user has malicious or criminal intent in presenting a fraudulent identity.

Or: Help! I deleted this message but it keeps coming back!

Because a message thread happens between two users, you as just one of the users involved can't banish the thread from existence entirely all by yourself. In order to be less confusing, we've called the button you press to get rid of the message "Delete," but no single-word name we could have used would be 100% accurate. When the other user sends you another message, the thread will return.

If you are tired of hearing from that user, just block them!

If you are having trouble sending or uploading pictures:

  1. Do not attempt to upload large files or animated .gif images.
  2. Do NOT attempt to upload large files or animated .gif images.
  3. Check the file size of the image you are trying to upload or send. Is it larger than a few megabytes? If so, see items one and two.
  4. Are you on a mobile device, connected wirelessly through WiFi or through a mobile data plan? If so, your Internet connection is slower. Use smaller images.

Your image upload may have failed for any number of reasons, but it is most likely due to your Internet connection speed or the speed of any devices on the route between your device and our servers. We can't do anything about either of these factors, as they are entirely out of our hands. There is no need to send support emails about failed photo uploads. Our system administrators monitor for failure to process images in order to keep the system working as smoothly as possible. If your image fails to upload, try a different, smaller, non-animated one.

The larger the image file, the longer it will take to process. Keep this in mind.

You can't, and I won't, so don't email us about it. We will not change ages because there is potential for abuse.

Quick tip: Use your email address and password, rather than username and password. If you are already doing this, then:

You're probably using a mobile device and onscreen keyboard and are not very good at typing with it. You have mis-typed something at some point. If you have not received a verification email, then you probably mis-typed your email address at the time that you signed up, and are typing it correctly now, but that correctly-typed email address is not the email address we have on file for you. If you have received your verification email, make sure to sign in with the email address that received the verification email, rather than using your username. Alternatively, you may be entering your password incorrectly. Due to the potential for abuse (people who should not have access attempting to get access), we will not narrow down for you which of these is happening.

You can't. There will always be some location specified.

Searching under "local" will always center on your location as determined by any GPS or IP geolocation data we have for you. The results will show all users who currently aren't banned or inactive, but they are sorted by their distance from you. If you want more people, just keep clicking "next" to get the people further away.

We don't allow arbitrary location changes, however. Your location will always be determined by IP geolocation or GPS, but you can always update your location if you're moving around, visiting another place, etc.

Go there. Read that. They've covered this better than I could in such a short format as this.

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