Hello, LocalSexting users! This official LocalSexting Blog Post is a few days behind because we've been trying to ensure that everything is working better than ever, but I'd like to announce some new features.

  1. Live chat with other horny users
  2. Report naughty users who need to be spanked
  3. Find perverted partners with greater accuracy


We've deployed a new chat system, designed in-house to help you connect with sexy partners in real-time instead of waiting around until they next log on. The chat is brand new, so give it time to fill up with fun and frisky conversation in a variety of genders and orientations. If you don't stay, how will your future flings find you?


Is someone ruining all the fun by harassing you when you're not interested, or posting illegal content? Or is it a spam bot cluttering the place up so you can't find real users to sext with? Head to that user's profile, scroll to the bottom, and try the "Report" button to let us know! If you just don't like them, don't worry: Soon, we'll have "block" functionality implemented, so you can gradually tailor LocalSexting to be your personal erotic playground.


We've updated our search functionality to connect you with more fitting partners automatically without having to set your filters every time. Are you a bisexual man looking for fun anywhere you can get it? We'll show you gay and bisexual men and straight and bisexual women. Are you strictly a lesbian? Your results will include only lesbian and bisexual women. We're here to connect you not only with people you'd be into, but people who would be into you back.

Every day, we're working on making LocalSexting a better place to find risque Skype friends, frisky kik pals, and sexy Snapchats. Watch this space, because we'll have more for you soon!